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I don’t think I’ve read a crime/detective novel set in Lagos, Nigeria in a very long while. No wonder I was very eager to read this. Easy Motion Tourist  written by Leye Adenle and published just last year, is a compelling novel that takes us through the dirty secrets of the rich whose wealth was acquired as a result of engaging in money rituals ‘business’, most of their victims being prostitutes.

It features Guy, a white aspiring journalist who was sent to Nigeria to cover the elections. However, due to certain circumstance, he is arrested as a suspect when the corpse of a young girl is found with her breasts cut off. He is somehow rescued by Amaka; (the heroine who works for “Street Samaritan”, an organisation aimed at helping and protecting prostitutes), and eventually gets caught up in the web of ritual killers, police officers, politics and Lagos itself. The story is narrated from the point of view of different characters which are later interconnected. This actually made me like the book more.

Although it took me a while to finish this book due to some personal constraints, I can say it’s quite an easy read.  I was quite intrigued and excited with the way the book started, however, along the line, that excitement declined and then, towards the ending of the book, it shot up again. Funny isn’t it? Lol. Judging from the way it ended, it’s most likely we might have a sequel sometime, unless the author wants to torment us by leaving us to guess what happens next. Easy Motion Tourist is quite a good read, but I can’t help but wish there was something much more captivating and “catchy” about the way the story was narrated.

~”For them, prostitution was not a choice, it was a lack of choice”- Leye Adenle, Easy Motion Tourist~