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Judging from the title, one could easily conclude that this is indeed a love story. Published in 2015, Odufa is Othuke Ominiabohs first novel. Odufa takes us through the life of Anthony, a young writer and poet who was diagnosed of having health issues hence would be unable to father a child. This news took a toll on his well being and prompted him into living a reckless life until he meets and falls in love with Odufa in a series of weird circumstances. These two fall deeply in love and a lot of things change. Their love encounters a lot of pain, struggle and the not so usual “love issues”. Odufa somehow gets pregnant and Anthony is overjoyed. Despite the reservations from his family, he is hell bent on protecting and sacrificing a lot just to be with the mother of his unborn child. However, the love tends to go sour when Odufa was delivered of the baby and this led to Anthony taking a drastic decision which ended the story on a very sad note.

I like love stories no doubt but when the “lovey dovey” comments gets too much, it pisses me off. The amount of “I love you”, “No, I love you more” said by the two characters in this book really got me on the edge. I can not count the number of times I muttered to myself, “Can we get on already!”. Aside that, Odufa is a good read. However, I didn’t see that ending coming and I certainly wish the book didn’t end that way.

I read somewhere that a sequel to Odufa is in the works. I don’t know how true this is, but I really hope it’s true. I’m curious to find out what happens after.

~”How can you leave someone you have promised heaven and earth just because your heart and your groins itch for someone else” – Othuke Ominiabohs, Odufa~