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You know those books that seem to appear everywhere, on every book related post on social media, those popular books with pretty covers that captures your heart and makes you want to read them so bad!?  Yes, Everything, Everything by Nicola Yoon was definitely one of those books. Saying it was hyped is an understatement. No wonder I had pretty high expectations. The fact that I had read one of the author’s other book just last month also contributed to my eagerness to lay my hand, sorry eyes on this book.

Just like The Sun Is Also A Star, this book is also a love story between two teenagers. The story takes us through the life of Madeline, an 18 year old girl who has never stepped outside because she suffers from a rare disease which makes her allergic to the outside world. Her life revolved around her mum, her nurse, her books and her online friends. However, all this changed immediately Olly and his family moved next door. Somehow, these two fall in love. From watching him through her window to exchanging emails and phone numbers to chatting all night to finally travelling to Hawaii with him, their love blossomed despite the possibility of the relationship being a bad idea. After getting an email from the doctor who treated her when she fell sick in Hawaii, Maddy begins to have doubts about her health. After confronting her mother, it was discovered that she wasn’t suffering from this disease after all. Years ago, her mum had concluded she had this disease after some brief illnesses just to keep her in, to protect her. This was done out of despair and the fear of losing her only child after having lost her husband and son. Maddy leaves home angry and distraught and unites with Olly. The end!

Okay, there are a lot of things I couldn’t wrap my head round while reading this book. So many things just seemed out of place. For starters, Maddy who has never stepped out for 18 years suddenly disobeys all the rules and throws caution away just because of a boy next door. Not only did she step outside, she went all the way to Hawaii! This is someone who knew the consequences that would have on her health  Aside this, one other problem I had is the falling in love part. Maddy had never met any guy before since she hadn’t stepped outside her home and then she meets Olly and viola!, she falls in love! Am I the only person not seeing the reality in this?. As if this wasn’t enough, the not so wonderful twist at  the end really got me like; “Errm,seriously!”. It felt like the author was trying desperately to make a fantastic twist to the story at the end. The ending didn’t cut it for me at all.

This book isn’t so bad but still, it’s not a book I would recommend eagerly to someone else. However, I’m still looking forward to the movie adaptation coming out soon. The trailer seem nice so I’m hoping, the movie would be a little bit more exciting.

~”Sometimes, you do things for the right reasons and sometimes for the wrong ones and sometimes, it’s impossible to tell the difference”- Nicola Yoon, Everything, Everything”~