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This book has been popular amongst the bookstagram community on Instagram and I had secretly envied those who had it. When I eventually laid my eyes on it, I couldn’t wait to devour it and find out if the hype was worth it, and yes it was!

“Stars are important,” I say, laughing.

“Sure, but why not more poems about the sun? The sun is also a star, and it’s our most important one. That alone should be worth a poem or two.”

Excerpts from “The Sun is also a Star”

The Sun is also a Star is a unique love story between Natasha and Daniel. The last thing Natasha, a geeky teenager whose family was about to be deported from the US needed was to fall in love with Daniel,the son of Korean immigrants whose family wanted him to be a doctor much against his wish. However when they met, Daniel is convinced that they are met to be together but Natasha tries her best not to fall him, all to no avail. This love was put to test by distance when Natasha had to go back to Jamaica after being deported.

Aside from certain chapters that takes us through a bit of history of some of the characters, this book spanned through the 12 hours in which they met and fell in love. Although I’m not a big fan of “love at first sight” kind of thing but concerning the conviction Daniel had about them being made to be together, I found it silly but beautiful still. In this novel, Nicole Yoon not only discussed romance and love, but immigration, fate, science,the universe and poetry as well.

If you love love stories, this is definitely a must read. I liked this book, just averagely to be honest.

~”People spend their whole lives looking for love. Poems and songs and entire novels are written about it. But how can you trust something that can end so suddenly as it begins”-Nicola Yoon, The sun is also a star~