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I usually shy away from writing personal write-ups. I don’t know why. I just prefer to write about random things; books, psychology related stuffs, events, just anything that has nothing to do with explaining my personal life. Well one could say I’m a little bit reserved and that’s one of the inspiration behind my blog name; willinglyreticent. Reticent means reserved or reluctant. I just wanted to add a twist to it by including the word, willingly which is more like the opposite of being reluctant. Anyways, having said that, it is quite natural for me to sweep through 2016 without writing any write-up about how my 2016 went and all, but when a good friend of mine asked me to feature on her blog as part of her #my2016 project, I just couldn’t say “No”.

So here is a link to my write-up on her blog! I  hope you enjoy it!