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bipolar disorderIt is no news to all the fans of the series “Empire” that Luscious’ mother actually suffers from a disorder known as bipolar disorder. Considering the fact that his son , Andrea also has this disorder, one can be quick to conclude that this disorder is hereditary. This might be true, but it should be noted that having one or two bipolar parent doesn’t necessarily mean that the child would be bipolar.

What then is bipolar disorder exactly?

Bipolar disorder is a mental disorder that causes irregular and unusual mood swings. These moods vary from extreme excitement to extreme depression to anxiety and being so energetic. These moods swings can be widely divided into two: periods of elevated mood(mania) and periods of depressed mood(depressive). During the elevated mood, the person is extremely excited and does unusual things like buying gifts for everyone or being so very energetic. However, during the depressed mood, the person is so sad and can attempt to hurt himself or commit suicide depending on how severe the mood swing is. Having just depressive episodes is not enough to diagnose a person as having bipolar disorder. The two; mania and depressive episodes must be evident. These mood swings should not be mistaken with the usual ‘ups’ and ‘downs’ we tend to have in our daily lives. The difference is that these mood swings are worse and more extreme and usually makes it impossible for the person to function properly.

Symptoms of bipolar disorder include; feeling sad or happy for no reason for a long period of time, extreme irritability, agitation, extreme anxiety, loss in appetite, spending spree, loss of interest in things once enjoyed, loss of concentration, thoughts of suicide amongst others. These are not enough reasons to conclude that someone is suffering form this disorder, but they are more like warning signs that one should look out for.

If you are concerned that you or a loved one might have bipolar disorder or you have a family history of bipolar disorder, look out for the symptoms and get professional help as soon as possible. It could turn out to be a short period of depression, but it’s better to be safe than sorry. This is to affirm the notion that these symptoms should not be overlooked. The good news however, is that this disorder can be controlled if treatment is continuous.