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When I heard  Me Before You had a sequel, I was so eager to read it. So when I finally laid my eyes on it, I was overjoyed. “Me Before You” ended on a sad note and I was so curious to find out what Louisa Clark was up to after Will’s death.

Louisa was still trying to come to terms with Will’s death. She has not fully recovered and was still struggling with her grief, despite travelling to London in an attempt to fulfill the promise she made to Will about living her life to the fullest. She has a job she hates and comes home to an empty flat every day. Her life was not going the way she had planned. However, her life is about to take a huge turn as a result of unexpected events.

After falling off her apartment, Louisa is rescued my a paramedic, Sam and made to go live with her family for a while. This brings back a lot of hurtful memories. After recovering, she returns to London and is met with the presence of Lily who claims to be Will’s daughter. Lily’s mother hid this truth from everyone until Lily unfortunately found out. The story takes us through Louisa and Sam love story with Louisa subconsciously refusing to move on from the past and accept Sam, Lily’s mess and Louisa’s attempt to clean it up, together with Louisa turning down an amazing job offer due to certain reasons which her sister considered as absurd.

One thing I really like about Jojo Moyes is the way she portrays family in her stories. And of course, I was reminded again of Louisa and her sister’s relationship, which I absolutely loved. Not all books have a successful sequel, but this really was alright. Though it was not as interesting as “Me Before You”, it was definitely a good read.

~”Fuck you Will, fuck you for leaving me.”-After You, Jojo Moyes~

~“Too many people follow their own happiness without a thought for the damage they leave in their wake.”-After You, Jojo Moyes~