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This book  was written by Sophie Kinsella and published in 2008. I had read Can You Keep A Secret by the same author some weeks back, so I when I came across Remember me?, I was so eager to read it. Although I did not enjoy it as much as the former, it was still a good read.

Imagine waking up after an accident and realising that you have lost your memory of the last 3 years! When Lexi Smart woke up after a terrible car crash, she thinks it’s still 2004 and she is still with her ‘not-so-good’ job and her loser boyfriend. However, when she discovers it’s 2007 and she has a big shot job, a multimillionaire husband, rich friends, and an amazingly expensive apartment, she is totally puzzled. She is however excited about the luxurious life but confused because her loyal best friends from way back don’t seem to be her friends anymore.

With time she realises she does not actually like her lifestyle. Everything seemed so different and unlike her. She had changed drastically from who she remembered herself to be. The presence of Jon who claimed that they were lovers unsettled her. Finding out what had happened in the past 3 years was not easy, but she was determined to? Did she eventually remember? What happens when she finds out the truth?

This book gave an insight on amnesia and how difficult it is to live knowing you can not remember all that happened to you in the past 3 years.

To start with, this book was kinda slow for me. I remember having this “can we just get on with it already” kind of feeling. There was no intrigue or suspense whatsoever. However there was a little bit of curiosity (about what exactly happened within those 3 years), and this is the one thing that made me stick with it till the end. I give it a 5/10.

~”The trouble with giving yourself a pep talk is, that deep down you know it’s all bullshit.”-Sophie Kinsella, Remember Me?~