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It has actually been a while I read this book and I am just writing a review about it, no thanks to procrastination.

Can You Keep A Secret was written by Sophie Kinsella and published in 2005. If I could use one word to describe this book, it would be ‘hilarious’. I was reading it on the bus one fateful day, and I came across a funny scenerio and I couldn’t help myself from laughing. I am so sure my co-passengers must have thought something else was wrong with me. lol

Emma (the main character) was an ordinary ambitious young girl who was trying to climb up the ladder at the multinational company where she works currently – Panther Cola. She lived with two of her friends and was in boring relationship with a man who seemed too perfect. On her first official business trip, the plane experienced a slight turbulence. Out of fear they might all die, she mistakenly blotted out all her secrets to the man seated beside her, even the most embarrassing ones! When everything was back to normal, she was so embarrassed but was satisfied with the assurance that she might most definitely not see the stranger ever again. However, she experienced the shock of her life when she turned up to work the next day and found that same man there. He happened to be the co-founder of the company. This turned her whole life around in ways she didn’t expect.

This book is a mixture of fun, happiness, embarrassment, a little bit of romance and of course sarcasm! I can not begin to count the number of times Emma found herself in funny embarrassing situations. I actually also loved the way the book ended on a good note. I love this book because it brought a smile to my face.

It earned 8/10 from me.

~”Never tell a man all about yourself, it’s bound to lead to trouble.”-Sophie Kinsella, Can You Keep a Secret?~