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babasegiThis book was written by Lola Shoneyin and this happens to be my first African book review. Most of the chapters were narrations by each of the characters, thereby giving the readers an insight into the minds of all the characters.

Baba Segi is an illiterate trader who recently married Bolanle, whose mother was not in support of  the marriage. The presence of Bolanle infuriated two of other three wives due to the fact that Bolanle was educated. The second wife however was too shy, timid and reserved to oppose the evil plots of the other wives. The presence of Bolanle posed a threat to the secret kept over the years amongst the three other wives and they were desperate to cover it up.

This story combines polygamy, rape, hatred, revenge, passiveness, arrogance, ignorance and a tiny bit of bisexuality. Considering the terms and idioms used in this book, it would take someone conversant with Yoruba language to fully understand it. To some people, this book should be R-rated. If you’ve read the book, please drop a comment or two to let me know your view on this.

This book earned 8/10.

~”No one brings their daughter up to be raped” – Lola Shoneyin, The Secret Lives Of Baba Segi’s Wives ~