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change of heart

In “Change Of Heart”, Jodi Picoult tells a story of religion, spirituality, compassion, justice and a mother’s pain and love.

Shay was a carpenter hired by June, a pregnant mother of one to help fix a room in the house. But what she got in return was the murder of her daughter and husband. Shay was convicted of the murder and sentenced to die by lethal injection. Shay was a rare kind of being and during his stay in prison before the execution, strange miraculous things started happening that made some people believe in him as some sort of messiah. He attracted much attention especially when is desire to donate his heart to Claire, June’s daughter (who had a heart condition) was made known. However this would not have been feasible since the lethal injection would make it impossible for his heart to be saved. Maggie, a lawyer decide to take up his case. She together with Francis, his religion advisor (who unfortunately was part of the jury who sentenced him years ago) and Christian, a doctor worked hand in hand to ensure that his last wish was granted by ensuring his sentence was changed to death by hanging. As this would enable his heart to be saved immediately after he had been hanged.

Initially, I was so convinced that Shay was guilty, but as I read on, I wasn’t so sure any more. I remember asking myself, “Is Shay really guilty?”. Y’all will have to read it to find out….;)

The character which I fell in love with was June. Despite her condition, Claire didn’t want the heart of someone who supposedly killed her step sister and father. June had to fight a battle of “head Vs heart”. Should she swallow her pride and accept the heart of someone she hates most in the world just to save her daughter, or should she let herself go through the pain of losing another daughter?

This book is an interesting one and if you are interested in law you are most likely to enjoy it more than I did.

~”It was so damn hard to find love in this world, to locate someone who could make  you feel that there was a reason you’d been put on this earth. A child, I imagined, was the purest form of that”- Jodi Picoult, Change of Heart~