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So I have been quite busy with exams and all that I hadn’t had time to do other things that I would have loved to. Now, I’m almost done, so I think I have got a little time for other stuffs.

My next book mission now is to read each and every book written by Jodi Picoult. jodiWell, I still haven’t figured out if that’s going to be feasible. But yh! it should! Jodi Picoult is an american author who has published over 23 books. I remember reading “Tenth Circle” some 6 years ago. Even though I can’t remember exactly what it was all about, I can remember having that amazing, beautiful, ‘I don’t want this book to end’ kind of feeling. I can’t wait to get to read it one more time.

Amongst her published books are:

  • Songs of the Humpback Whale (1992),
  • Harvesting the Heart (1994),
  • Picture Perfect (1995),
  • Mercy (1996),
  • The Pact (1998),
  • Keeping Faith (1999),
  • Plain Truth (2000),
  • Salem Falls (2001),
  • Perfect Match (2002),
  • Second Glance (2003),
  • My Sister’s Keeper (2004),
  • Vanishing Acts (2005),
  • The Tenth Circle (2006),
  • Nineteen Minutes (2007),
  • Change of Heart (2008),
  • Handle With Care (2009),
  • House Rules (2010),
  • Sing You Home (2011),
  • Lone Wolf (2012)
  • Between The Lines (2012)
  • The Storyteller (2013).
  • Leaving Time

The first book on my to-read list is “Change of Heart”. And as usual, a review of it would be updated as soon as I’m done.