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At last! I was able to lay my hands on “The Opposite Of Lonliness” and I must say that every minute spent reading it was soo worth it.

The Opposite Of Loneliness
“Do you wanna leave soon?
No, I want enough time to be in love with everything….
And I cry because everything is so beautiful and so short.”- Marina Keegan, from the poem “Bygones”.

These were the opening words of the book (well, aside from the dedication).

Aside from her graduation essay titled- “The Opposite of Loneliness”, the book consists of 9 fictional stories and 8 non-fictional stories. One thing I can say is wow! This book was so nice. Her graduation essay was “on point”, she talking about her stay in Yale and how she’s going to miss it.

“…I’m scared of losing this web we’re in”, she writes. As a final year student myself, this was something I could really relate to and it got me thinking of the thousands of things I was going to miss here (story for another day).
“We’re so young, we’re so young. We are twenty-two years old. We have so much time”. As I read this, I was so sure that even minutes before her last breathe, she had no clue that she actually did not have so much time left.

As I read through each story, I couldn’t help but wish that each story evolved into a longer story or infact, a novel. I was left to imagine what could have happened next, igniting my imaginative skills. 😉

Anyways, my favorite fictional story in this book is “Cold Pastoral”- about Claire who had just lost Brian. Well, we can’t say they were actually in a serious relationship but they liked each other (or so she thought). His death brought forward some truth I wish she
hadn’t found out. The truth that he still loved his ex and doesn’t have as much feeling towards Claire as she thought he had.

I loved “Reading Aloud”, “The Emerald City” as well as “The Ingenue”. There was something that troubled me about “The Ingenue”, the fact that the lady still ended up marrying the guy despite the little signs which I thought would have made her change her mind. Lest I forget, I remember how i felt a chill after reading “Challenger Deep”.
I really don’t know why.

My favorite non-fictional stories in this book are; “Stability in Motion”- about her first car passed down to her from her grandmother, “Against The Grain”-about her Celiaac disease and her mum’s significant support, and finally “Even Artichokes Have Doubts”-this elaborates her concern about how a significant percentage of Yale’s talented graduate are moving to the Consulting and Finance industry mostly because of job security.

I sincerely plan to get my personal copy and add it to my small collection of books. Marina Keegan might be late, but this book would definitely live on, thanks to her parents, friends and supportive lecturers. Finally, this book actually earned a 9/10 from me! :).

Y’all should read it!