Upon arrival at my unit at around 11 am, it was obvious that some residents have been there as at 7 am. I had initially thought that the accreditation process wouldn’t take more than a few minutes especially after the NYSC corper (who I guess is the presiding officer) informed us that voting would start proper at 1:30 pm. But as a Nigerian who is old enough to know about the “Nigerian time”, I guessed this would not be feasible. So, I wasn’t surprised when as at 2:00 pm, accreditation itself hasn’t commenced. I had spent close to 4 hours doing a variety of things such as standing, sitting on a piece of stone (when there was no place to sit nko), reading a novel- “The Interruption of Everything”,which I brought along knowing fully well something like this would happen. (Nice book by the way).

I was tired, thirsty and hungry! I went back home (which was just close by) to eat and relax a bit and then went back to my polling unit. By this time, one of the residents present was kind enough to provide chairs for us, so I was little bit relieved but still couldn’t wait to vote and get it done with. At around 3:45 pm, the NYSC guy arrived with the card reader. I was glad. Finally! But since I was No 43 on the queue, I didn’t get to be accredited and vote until past 5. I would have loved to stay behind till the votes were counted, but I guess I had expended all the reserved energy I had that I couldn’t wait to return home to rest!

As I sit here just scrolling through tweets and wondering if the voting results being reported by “tweeps” are real or not, I secretly hope that the candidate I voted for wins. But most importantly, I hope the best man gets the job.

In 48 hours, as Jega promised, we shall know who is going to be sworn in on May 29 2015. 48 hours isn’t too far, is it?