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We all must have experienced frustration at one time in our lives. Those times when the frustration eats us so deep that we begin to vent it out on others, only for us to regret that mistake when we have calmed down. It could be as a result of the ups and downs of life, or experiencing disappointment from someone, or losing a job or even something so simple as hearing your baby cry when you get home from a bad frustrating day at work.

We face frustration at home, at work or at school. This actually isn’t a bad thing but what changes that fact is the way we handle such frustrations. Unfortunately, exploding and venting our frustration on others is the most common ways by which most people handle frustration.

Just a few days ago, I experienced my share of frustration. I had been working on an assignment at school that needed to be submitted on that day. During the process of dotting my ‘i’s’ and crossing my ‘t’s’, my personal computer deemed it fit to experience the blue screen of death. I just hissed and casually restarted my system expecting to continue where I left off. Words cannot explain the frustration that hit me when I discovered that the folder containing the programmed assignment was no where to be found. I was frustrated. “C’mon, this can’t be happening! I spent hours on this assignment. I didn’t sleep last night because of this.”, I said to no one in particular. The thought of starting all over again frustrated the hell out of me, considering the fact that the deadline was in a few hours time. I tried all I could to retrieve the folder, all to no avail. So I was left with no option but to start it all over. Well, I did and ensured that I didn’t sleep until I was done. The good news was that the deadline was later shifted to 3 days later.

This story might seem trivial to the topic of frustration. But the point I am trying to derive is this; I was at the verge of venting out my frustration on others who were trying to help my situation, but I refrained myself from doing just that. I knew I would regret venting it out on them especially once the problem has been solved.

In a nutshell, all I am trying to say is that there are so many other ways to cope with frustration rather than exploding and venting it out on others (though this could be unavoidable at times). Amongst the ways are:

  • Pause and take a deep breath. (Trust me, this helps a lot)
  • Address the situation and calmly think of ways to remedy it.
  • Talk with someone about whatever it is. Sometimes, we just need a listening ear to help us get through our frustrating periods.
  • Punch something if need be. (NB:- I said something, not someone oh!)
  • Lastly, cry it out. This helps to relieve the pain caused by the frustration.

This is all I’ve got for now. Feel free to share your frustrating episodes and how you vent it out.