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As a good Nigerian that I claim to be, I decided to register this time (since I’ve come of age now) for
the Permanent Voters Card (PVC). After postponing it for some time, I eventually went over to the registration centre in my
area on Saturday around 12pm. There were a lot of people which made me wonder if noone ever registered in the first few days.
Aside that, there were only two PCs and a printer with just 3 personnels present to attend to a large crowd of people. As usual a fight almost ensued not just once. It took the presence of some patriotic Nigerians to sort ouut some issues to ensure
everything went smoothly, which included providing a generator set, fan amongst other things for the INEC officials.

I obviously couldn’t register that day, so I vowed to get there very early the next day. But as fate would have it, I woke late, so I got there by 7/8 am. i waited for 4 long, hungry and thirsty hours before I could register. With relief, I left
the centre around past 12 after being told that I would have to wait till Monday before getting the card. I eventually waited for 2 days before I could get my voters slip and to my surprise, my gender was written as ‘male’. Like seriously, do I really like a male? I hope not.

So there goes my struggle to get registered. And i ask myself, is this encouraging enough to consider voting this year? Would
one have to face such conditions come 2015 elections? I seriously hope not.