Poetry – #1


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When disaster strikes, your heart swells.

The pain threatens to rip you apart

And tears begin to cloud your vision

Yet you sit still, struggling to hold it back

‘Cos you can’t be seen crying


When life throws bricks,

And depression seems to befriend you

Making you lose the zeal to live,

Yet you put on a fake smile,

Pretend you are fine,

‘Cos you can’t be seen as weak.


When the rodents invade the house,

And she cries for you,

You act like you’ve got it under control

‘Cos you can’t be seen as scared.


When she breaks up with you

And it seems your source of joy is gone

You act like you don’t care

‘Cos you can’t be seen as smitten


When times are tough,

And your pockets are dry

You can’t afford a meal,

Yet they ask for stipends

You hustle hard to provide

‘Cos you can’t be seen as broke


When all is said and done,

I hope you find it within you,

The courage to express,

How you truly feel.