Book Review #38 – Born A Crime


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After reading this book, I remember asking myself why it took this long for me to read this. Why!? Why did I deprive myself of this treasure for this long. Why!? I have had this book for a while but never got around to reading it until sometime in January and yes, it was absolutely amazing! Definitely the best book I’ve read this year so far.

Written by Trevor Noah, the popular South African TV Host and published late 2016, this autobiography gives a detailed description of his life and what growing up in the post-apartheid South Africa was like.

Born to a South African mother and a Swiss father during apartheid, his birth was considered illegal. This explains the title; “Born A Crime”. Trevor was raised by a very religious, hardworking single mother. She was the definition of a strict woman who didn’t let her pain hinder her growth. You could sense that these are one of the things that shaped his life positively. The love and admiration he had for his mother was clearly evident beneath the lines.

It was quite obvious that racism and racial equality were the main themes in this book. Trevor did a great job of making the reader picture what exactly it was like for a boy with mixed race living in South Africa after the apartheid. Living a life where he was treated like he neither belonged to the blacks nor the whites, Trevor was able to surmount challenges that came his way as result of this. His life was definitely not a bed of roses.

From living with an abusive step father to hustling all by himself in the slums to witnessing his mother being shot, Trevor did the magic of narrating all these in a gentle but engaging manner. His humor and silent sarcasm made me love this book the more. Also, being a quotes lover, the numerous meaningful quotes embedded in this book killed it for me!

For those of us who love movie adaptations of books, it was revealed that Born A Crime would be adapted into a movie and I just can’t help being excited about that. Yaay!!

I feel the urge to say this again, this book was indeed awesome, and if you haven’t read this, I encourage you to. You would thank me later! 🙂

~”People say all the time that they’d do anything for the people they love. But would you really? Would you do anything? Would you give everything? I don’t know that a child knows that kind of selfless love. A mother, yes. A mother will clutch her children and jump from a moving car to keep them from harm. She will do it without thinking. But I don’t think the child knows how to do that, not instinctively. It’s something the child has to learn.”-Trevor Noah, Born A Crime~