Book Review #36 – Too Good To Be True


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So imagine this; few weeks to your wedding, your fiancé decides to call it quits. That’s still not so bad right? But wait a minute, shortly after, he starts dating someone else. Still not so bad, right? But then, that someone else happens to be your own younger sister and you have to pretend like you are happy for them. Yep! This definitely is a summary of Grace’s life story. He had broken up with her with the popular starting line; “You know I care about you very much”.

He cared about me. I don’t know about you girls, but when a guy says I care about you very much, it seems to me that the shit is about rain down.


In an attempt to avail her sister of any guilt and convince her family that she is over him, Grace has to pretend that she has a man of own. Coming up with imaginary boyfriends was her specialty whereas the only males she had in her life were her dad, her gay best friend and yeah, her dog! And suddenly, the sexy Callahan O’Shea shows up as her neighbor. In the midst of different awkward weird moments and despite her efforts to ensure she doesn’t get attracted to him, Grace ends up falling hard for him. His past and their differences however seems like a stumbling block big enough to ensure they don’t end up together.

Too Good To Be True was written by Kristan Higgins. She is an american author of contemporary romance novels and this is the first of her works I’ve come across and I really liked it. There are a couple of funny scenes which made me burst out laughing. The humor, sarcasm, awkward situations, Grace’s lively character and Callahan’s attitude really did the trick. And also, I really loved the ending and this doesn’t happen often for me. 🙂

If you are a lover of good love stories with a bit of good humor, this is definitely a must read.

~And even if I did find someone, what guarantee was there that it would last? – Kristan Higgins, Too Good To Be True~