Book Review #39 – The Rescue


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I remember buying this book by the road side early this year. It was the author’s name that caught my attention actually. I mean! Who doesn’t know Nicholas Sparks!? The American author of international bestsellers such as The Notebook, Dear John, A walk to Remember amongst others. Even if you haven’t read these books, you most likely must have watched their movie adaptations.

The Rescue was published way back in 2000. It’s basically a story revolving round the two main characters; Taylor and Denise. These two met as a result of a fatal accident one stormy day. She had been involved in an accident, and after being rescued by Taylor, a volunteer fire fighter, she realized her son, Kyle who had learning disabilities had gone missing. With the help of Taylor and other fire fighters in the community, Kyle was found. This was the beginning of the friendship between Taylor and Denise.

Denise, is single mother and a former teacher who lived in Atlanta before moving back home to focus on taking care of her son. She works in a diner during the evening and home-schools her son during the day. Taylor on the other is a volunteer fire fighter who lives life a bit recklessly and carries the pain of his past which makes it difficult for him to love or commit to any woman, well until Denise came into the picture.

The Rescue takes us through the relationship phases between these two, (which wasn’t all rosy) and how Taylor had to eventually face the pain and guilt he felt as a result of his father’s death years ago. The book also brought into limelight the stigma kids like Kyle face as a result of their condition.

Denise’s strength and patience is highly commendable, however my best character still goes to Melissa, Taylor’s best friend’s wife. Her wits, love and demeanor is quite adorable.

This is a good book, however, I would say I have read other Nicolas Spark’s books which I enjoyed way more than this one.

~”You’re going to come across people in your life who will say all the right words at all the right times. But in the end, it’s always their actions you should judge them by. It’s actions, not words, that matter.”- Nicholas Spark, The Rescue~